Experience Builds the Winner

The truck I have right now, which is actually my first, is a kit by Axial called the ACX10. I practiced with it a bunch and did pretty well in competitions with it overall. Before making any modifications, I think I placed at least fourth in a competition. For being all original stock, that is a pretty good truck.

Here is a list of the modifications I have been making to tweak it to the performance level I want from it:

  • I did a leaf spring conversion on the front to make it slightly more scale
  • I removed both the front and rear bumper to improve my approaches and departures
  • I customized the body to have more tire space by pinching the nose and rear
  • I put LED’s all around so it could be lit up for some night crawling
  • It is about ¾ finished with scaling the interior (detailing interior is required if windows are open)

No matter how many mods you make to your rig, there are many other factors that play into what makes a rig a winner. A big factor is the driver themselves. For example you can hand 4 different drivers the same kit and they can put it together 4 different ways, making it perform at 4 totally different levels.

When it comes down to it, what truly matters is the day the driver is having, how lucky they are with the rocks, and the path they pick to drive on.

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