New York Times – How Hobby Lobby International Resolved Its Trademark Dispute

The New York Times has published their follow up to last week’s story about “How Could Hobby Lobby International Avoid Confusion With Hobby Lobby Stores?” Below is an excerpt from the story and links to the previous article.

New York Times – “How Hobby Lobby International Resolved Its Trademark Dispute” by SARAH MAX

Mark ClevelandLast week, we published a case study on Hobby Lobby International, a Brentwood, Tenn., company that makes and sells remote-controlled products, such as model airplanes and boats, and their accessories. For years, the company has been mistaken for Hobby Lobby Stores, a national art and craft supply chain with more than 600 stores.

In 2012, that brand confusion escalated from a distraction to a potential liability when Hobby Lobby Stores filed a lawsuit over the Affordable Care Act provision requiring employers to provide coverage for all forms of contraception as part of employee health insurance. That case went before the Supreme Court in March, and a ruling is expected by June.

Mark Cleveland, Hobby Lobby International’s owner, concluded that continuing with the status quo would have a serious impact on the growth of his company… Read more at the New York Times.

Read the first article from New York Times

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One Response to New York Times – How Hobby Lobby International Resolved Its Trademark Dispute

  1. John Boyens says:

    I’m always glad to see fairness in business. Being the biggest, the richest, etc. doesn’t mean you can hurt the small to mid-sized business owner by causing brand confusion. Congratulations to Mark Cleveland for sticking to his guns and looking for a win/win solution…it’s only fair!

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