Hobby Express story hits the New York Times

Mark ClevelandThe New York Times this week ran a story on “A Small Brand Tries to Escape the Confusing Shadow of a Big Brand” featuring Mark Cleveland, CEO Hobby Express and the transition from Hobby Lobby International.

New Yor Times – You’re the Boss Blog: How Could Hobby Lobby International Avoid Confusion With Hobby Lobby Stores?MAY 7, 2014

A Small Brand Tries to Escape the Confusing Shadow of a Big Brand – New York Times

CHALLENGE When Mr. Cleveland bought the company, he knew that it was frequently mistaken for Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., a national craft and art supply chain that is based in Oklahoma City and has more than 600 locations. The companies had a history of working cooperatively and, despite their common name, catered to very different consumers. “Roughly 98 percent of my customers are men,” said Mr. Cleveland, while most of the chain’s customers are women.
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Soon after buying Hobby Lobby International, however, Mr. Cleveland realized that the confusion could be a serious problem. The issue became urgent in 2012 when Hobby Lobby Stores, whose founder is an evangelical Christian, filed a lawsuit over the Affordable Care Act provision requiring employers to provide coverage for all forms of contraception as part of employee health insurance. The case went before the Supreme Court in March; a decision is expected by sometime in June. Read the New York Times full story…

Read the story here on Hobby Lobby International re-branding to Hobby Express

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3 Responses to Hobby Express story hits the New York Times

  1. Rob says:

    Hobby Lobby International was a solid player in the modeling, RC Airplane and RC business, going up against some large powerhouses in the space. In recent years with the ownership change, the business has clearly become more robust with a much stronger retail (storefront) presence which has expanded their customer base and an enhanced online presence. Their lines of RC Aircraft are well supported and have great build quality. After expanding and growing the business successfully, Mr. Cleveland clearly faced a challenge in name confusion with a large National entity that was controversial in the news and one which catered to an entirely different customer base. As a customer, business leader and Marketing Exec., I thought it was savvy to for Mr. Cleveland execute a name change while keeping iconic elements of the company’s branding (colors, typography, etc.). From my observations, the name change has been completed successfully with only positive impacts on the business. Hobby Express is poised for further growth with a stronger brand identity.

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  3. Walter Rau says:

    I am very happy to see Hobby Express emerge from the confusion and it going to be easier for me to support the “Right Store” for my RC needs.
    I was confused may times in the past over the two names.
    Good Luck and keep it coming!

    Walter Rau

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