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Giving Drones Human Emotions??

You might be asking yourself, “why do I care if my drone can express emotions or not?” Think about how much communicating you do with your body langauge every day. Think about how much you are able to communicate to others without ever saying a word. No imagine that your aircraft could be programmed with personality that could communicate to you without ever taking your eyes off your aircraft. Continue reading

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300K Register Drones in The First 30 Days

Registration gives us an excellent opportunity to educate new airspace users, who may have little or no experience with aviation, how to fly safely. It also helps instill in them the safety culture traditional aviation has relied on for more than a century, while still allowing for the innovation that is a staple of American aviation. Continue reading

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Youth Leadership Brentwood Meets Barrier-Breaking Businesses #WarehouseTour

The promise of tomorrow is bottled up and pounding through the veins of a diverse and creative group of young men and women participating in Brentwood’s Youth Leadership program. All that energy and creative power is hard to contain, and it was exciting to have the entire group tour our warehouse and distribution center yesterday morning. Continue reading

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From The Ground Up…. Where Drones are Headed.

SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos says that in the future, drones delivering packages will be as common as mail trucks. For many “drones”, octocopters or quads are already making deliveries in the form of a paycheck. Realtors, wedding … Continue reading

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