New Static Car Models

I am pretty excited about the new model I had a chance to put together this last week that is sitting in our retail store right now. We will start carrying plastic car models in the next couple of months and I had a chance to put one together for display.

This was definitely a big learning process for me because it was the first of this kind that I had ever put together. It wasn’t an R/C like most of our other products. This was a static model that you put together piece by piece. You buy the paint and display case separately to put up for show in your house, in your office, or on your desk.

The model I was building was of a ‘72 Cutlass convertible. The whole thing took me about 8-9 total hours to put together, when you add up both the build time and dry time for the paints and glues. That is the nature of these static model kits. They come with a twelve to fifteen piece engine and body frame. The whole thing comes as a white plastic body and frame so you need to spray paint (or hand pain) everything. It was a lot of fun and I think our customers are going to really enjoy the experience.

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