Hextreme FPV Hexacopter | DJI NAZA-M | LED Lights | DX6i 6-Channel Transmitter

Hextreme FPV Hexacopter

1Extreme quality, Fun to assemble and fly
AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE – Now includes HiRise landing gear, props, LED’s, Velcro, a battery compartment capable of handling 40mm batteries and can be assembled in either a “+” or “X” configuration.
See it in action!


2All-in-one Design!
The user interface of the assistant software has been comprehensively updated and brings you a new interaction experience, and instructions will automatically appear which is very convenient.
Check it out!

Red flexible LED strip, 1M

3Flexible LED Strips for Night Time Fun!
These high-density LED light strips are super bright and easy to use. The strips have adhesive on the back and are flexible, which makes them super easy to attach to airplanes, helicopters, multi rotor copters, or just about anything for that matter.
Only $7.99!

DX6i 6-Channel Transmitter Only Mode 2

4The DX6i takes six-channel computer radios to a whole new level
The 6-channel DX6i uses the same full range DSMX™ technology found in the Spektrum DX8 and includes an impressive list of programming features for both airplanes and helicopters that are simple to access and use.
Get yours now!

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