Got To Be Glued

I am pretty new in the hobby, but I was lucky enough to have a friend who shared some good habits he has developed through his experience that now keep me from making some big mistakes. One of the habits I think each hobbyists should use is to test a glue before using it on your model. This is especially true when you are using a model with Styrofoam and you don’t necessarily have your specific Styrofoam-safe glue handy.

Some glues say they are foam safe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are “Styro”foam safe. We had been fixing up a little 1/8 scale Cub and a Wing Dragon which both had Styrofoam components. it turns out that the tail of the Wing Dragon was a different kind of foam altogether. It appears to be poly-based, which is a great example of how all foams are not the same.

My friend and I ended up only having super glue and Gorilla glue to work with and had not really tested these kinds of glues on Styrofoam before, nor did we know quite what would happen. Luckily,we had an old packaging cube of Styrofoam to test with. We put a dab of each type of glue on the test material and left it till morning. The next day we found that the Gorilla glue had done great, while the super glue had eaten away at the place of contact, creating a cavern in the foam.

After learning the importance of knowing your adhesives, I had called and asked what Hobby Lobby had in terms of quality adhesives. Apparently, there is a whole new line that was released that is just the stuff I was looking for.  Everyone has a preference for types of glue, though, and Hobby Lobby has Zap and Du-Bro glues also.

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