Mounting the FlyCamHD Video Camera inside a Slash Body

I figured if I’m mounting a $200 video camera to an off-road RC truck, why not mount it inside the body to give you a driver’s eye view. The benefits of it inside the body is lower center of gravity. Cool view from looking over the hood and cutting the windshield out also helps the electronics to not overheat.
When cutting the body, make sure to leave a little bit of window coming off the A-pillar. That’ll keep the strength of the body relying on the A-pillar. You want to make sure that you cut enough so that the camera doesn’t catch any of the body in the screen.
I used Velcro to mount the FlyCamOneHD Video Camera inside and underneath the roof. You can use some tape to help secure it if you’ll be jumping to make sure she’s not going anywhere.
I loved the look of it from the cam view. I think I’m gonna do my drift car next.
Chris W.

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