Planet 5 Transmitter Plays Well w/ Twister CPX

My experience with Planet park flyer radios began when I decided to jump into collective pitch helis. I picked up a Twister CPX as a training platform since it has a belt driven tail, programmable radio, and is available for $199.99 RTF, compared to twice that for an ARF that I was probably gonna crash into pieces anyway!

I kinda thought the first thing I would have to replace was the radio since I had not heard much about the English made Planet systems. I downloaded the PDF and dove into learning the radio and its functions. It turned out to be very easy to program and it actually offers several mixing options including flaps! It is kinda difficult to program pitch and throttle curves for helis since adjustments are made in percents. In order to get your curve correct, a little math is involved. You have to graph you desired line out on a two axis grid (vertical 0-100%, horizontal position 1-5) to find the percent at which you would set each adjustment to. I use a grid app on my phone to make things easy! That is really the only down side I have found to the radio. Stick movement feels great, you can use cheap rechargeable batteries from the grocery store and they last a month on one charge, and the range is actually very reasonable for a park flyer system.

Since the receivers are fairly inexpensive, I decided to try the system out on an airplane after having such a good experience with it on the CPX heli. The radio has model memory that remembers mixing and programming for four planes, and four helis. It does not however remember trim so you have to record trim data and keep it in your flight box, or just remember to start at neutral!

The first plane I used the system in was a Kyosho illusion park jet and it worked very well. I have since put planet receivers in all my park planes allowing me to have very little invested in park flying. I can also not worry about losing valuable equipment in those unstable little park jobs which takes the nerve factor way down when flying at “improvised” fields. I have yet to run into range issues which I know is a big concern for any airplane hobbyist. So if you are looking for a nice park radio for a very economical price, check out Planet’s T5 and T7 systems. The Twister CPX comes with a T7 system already installed!!

-Tony Pierce

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