Good Starter Heli’s

In my opinion, the best type of R/C heli for a beginner would definitely be a co-axial helicopter. This kind of helicopter is designed with two blades that rotate (one on top of the other) to stabilize the flight.  This added stability removes any unnatural characteristics in the flight characteristics that you might run into with a different type of heli.  This type just does what you tell it to.

Although the mobility is pretty limited with the co-axial heli, this is something I would not allow yourself to get frustrated about. Beginners need to keep their focus on learning the  basics of the controls. Beginners don’t need excessive mobility anyway.

Some great beginner heli’s in this class would be HLI’s Black Hawk and their Rescue helicopter. This class of heli has a tougher time handling very windy conditions, but they are excellent in a garage, gymnasium, or very calm  air.

If you are looking to upgrade from our co-axial helicopter,  I would suggest moving to the type of heli that I unwittingly started with. This would be your fixed-pitch heli that has the single blade on top and an actual working tail rotor that counteracts the torque in the  main blades. This would be the heli you would start with to nail down your forward flying. From that skill set, you can move to places like your back yard, parks, and wherever you can think of.

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