300K Register Drones in The First 30 Days

It was announced today by the US Department of Transportation that in the first 30 days since the opening of registration nearly 300,000 people registered themselves as drone pilots with the FAA. That’s nearly 10K each day!

Drone pilots who took the first step into this new process were able to take advantage of the getting the $5 application fee refunded. However, it is the entire drone pilot community that will benefit from this new registration process as drones become more popular and the airspace becomes more crowded.

“Registration gives us an excellent opportunity to educate new airspace users, who may have little or no experience with aviation, how to fly safely. It also helps instill in them the safety culture traditional aviation has relied on for more than a century, while still allowing for the innovation that is a staple of American aviation.” - Cited from the official article from DOT.


Multi-Rotor Camera Drones

If you missed the first 30 day window when registration fees were refunded, all is not lost. The low fee still stands at only $5 and the process is simple. Feel free to join the drone pilot community and Register Today >

Want to fly a drone without needing to register?? Take a look at our selection of RC aircraft that fall below the minimum weight that would require the pilot to be registered.

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No Registration Required

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  1. Robbie says:

    I think this is a great initiative taken by the government. It keeps everyone safe and as long as they keep the price low and registration simple i don’t see any downside to this new measure.

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